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Pelago Solus: Inside our new CPM model

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Posted by Intentify Demand

Fifty-eight percent of marketers believe brand awareness is the most important metric to track in 2023, according to research from LiveRamp. And for good reason. Strong brand awareness is the gateway to increased conversions and more sales opportunities. In fact, according to the Sprout Social Index, 89 percent of consumers buy from a brand they already follow on social media.

Despite this, the number one thing that stops marketers, well… marketing, is identifying and reaching a target audience. Doing so requires careful timing, tailored messaging, and high-quality content that helps your brand stand out against the competition. And even when you get this right, it can be tricky to track and report on the success or failure of your efforts.

Enter Pelago Solus, our latest CPM offering that helps you understand the intent of your audience so you can better target your content offerings and improve your conversion rate.

Here’s a sneak peek into our new CPM model.

Before we begin: what is CPM, and why is it useful?

CPM stands for "Cost Per Mille" (or "Cost Per Thousand"). This metric helps marketers measure the cost of making 1,000 impressions with a particular content campaign.

The CPM model is typically used as a benchmark for brand awareness. It captures your brand’s reach before someone clicks through to view content. This helps you assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your awareness campaigns, like social media ads or top-of-funnel content, without hinging your campaign’s success on a metric like cost per click (CPC).

Here’s the formula for measuring CPM:

CPM = (Total Cost of Advertising ÷ Total Impressions) x 1,000

For example, if your CPM were £100, it would cost you this much to receive 1,000 views of your campaign.

The CPM model can help you calculate how much you need to spend on your campaigns to achieve the desired level of exposure. It also lets you compare the cost of advertising and content syndication programs across different platforms and media channels, giving you insight into campaign efficiency.

So, what is Pelago Solus?

Pelago Solus is Intentify Demand’s unique CPM offering. Rooted in state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing technologies, our platform understands the intent behind prospect accounts. This means you can surface the right content to the right audience at the right time.

There are three core steps to our unique CPM model:

  1. We first understand the intent within our database that matches your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  2. We then run HTML activity to this audience for two to four weeks – or simultaneously at the start of a campaign – to generate awareness of your offering.
  3. Finally, we engage with everyone who clicked or viewed your content and deliver a call to action to download.

With a 97 percent degree of accuracy, Pelago Solus is the only first-party data intent platform that helps you improve your CPM efficiency and, as a result, increases your conversion rate.

How do I request this unique CPM model?

There are a few ways that you can request Pelago Solus:

As added value to your content syndication package

If you’re signed up to one of our content syndication packages, we can deploy Pelago Solus to help bolster your efforts.

Perhaps you’re looking for more traction on your current content campaigns. Or maybe you’re looking to widen your reach. Pelago Solus is a great way to achieve more impressions, increase engagement, and land more intent-driven conversions.

As a standalone solution

Your business might be focused on growing brand awareness rather than lead generation. That’s okay, too. Pelago Solus offers valuable audience insight data that you can use to inform your marketing initiatives, whatever they may be.

In parallel with a lead generation campaign

Are you busy running a lead generation campaign? We can run Pelago Solus alongside it to support your initiative. If you’re spending £20,000 on lead generation and £10,000 on Pelago Solus, for example, you could expect:

  • An average open rate of 15 to 20 percent and a CTR up to 10 percent. The average organic CTR for any business is two percent. Our platform offers a benchmark well above this average.
  • Depending on the content we’re showing and the size of the audience we’re engaging, open rates can reach as high as 30 percent.

Pelago Solus users receive a full report summarising their overall impressions, CTR, and cost-per CTR.

How do I get started?

If you’re a marketing leader, you know how important brand awareness is to your business’s down-funnel performance. At the same time, you also know how challenging it is to justify the value of brand awareness campaigns to your board.

Pelago Solus solves this. Our unique CPM model allows you to reach a wide pool of targeted leads and accumulate more clicks on your content syndication campaigns. By improving your open and click-through rate (CTR), you can better justify your efforts.

To get started with Pelago Solus, contact us today.