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Leave the unchartered waters of low-quality leads behind. You’ve docked at our archipelago of intent-first data.

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What is Pelago?

Islands of intent

Archipelago /ˌɑːkɪˈpɛləɡəʊ / noun - an extensive group of islands.

Derived from the ancient Greek word ‘archipelago’, Pelago is our unique AI. It has one purpose: to pinpoint your intent-only leads.

Diving into our 1st party database, Pelago targets relevant prospects based on your custom criteria. The result? A unique island in our archipelago of intent data, tailored to you.

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How it works

Gather intent with a 97%+ degree of accuracy


Data segmentation

Pelago uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify professionals and companies relevant to your ideal customer persona (ICP).



Pelago is constantly learning. It frequently monitors trending intent topics and top publishers to ensure its algorithm is accurate.


Engagement ratings

Using personalised filters and scoring mechanisms determined by you, Pelago narrows down millions of data sets to find intent-only leads.

Pelago App

Chart your own oasis

Eager to set your sails flying and create your own slice of paradise? Our Pelago application allows you to search for your own target accounts and build a list of intent-only leads.

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The process

How does Pelago build your data islands?


Define your criteria

Pelago segments our 1st party data based on your ICP. Criteria can include job titles, company size, and industries.


Set qualifying questions

Using the qualifying questions you give us, we refine Pelago’s results to find best-fit leads that match your specific needs.


Engage high-intent leads

We then email or call contacts that demonstrate the highest intent, and share your best marketing content with them.


Receive your opportunities

After careful quality analysis, machine and human verification checks, we provide you with a list of highly qualified leads

… Or make your own!

Stay tuned, our app is nearly ready to go. Soon, you’ll be able to create your own island in our archipelago of intent-only data.

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From our satisfied customers:

"Our content syndication partner exceeded our expectations with their exceptional accommodation and professionalism. Their operations team flawlessly launched our campaigns, while their account management team proactively enhanced lead quality by tweaking lead criteria. Will definitely continue to work with Intentify Demand."

Director, Digital Marketing

"At Soracom, we have been highly impressed with Intentify Demand. Not only are their leads very accurate in terms of job titles and types of professionals they share with us, their flexibility and customer service to accommodate our requests or updates is hugely helpful. They have saved our SDRs hours of valuable time and are just a great company to work with."

Digital Marketing Manager

"Intentify Demand are an incredibly trustworthy and high quality lead gen provider. They go above and beyond to provide data for us at Alert Logic, in a timely and accurate manner. Their intent data is not only accurate but has helped contribute to measurable opportunities and pipeline for our sales team."

Alert Logic

Key benefits

Lead opportunities that fly high


Tailored to you

Pelago aligns your products, services and content with engaged, best-suited business leaders.


Diverse sources

Pelago uses over 50 million links with publishers and company sites, giving our intent pool a vast amount of signals.


Accurate data

Our 1st party data goes through a 3-month quarantine period to ensure its accuracy and GDPR compliance.


Always evolving

The best is yet to come. Pelago is continually evolving alongside market trends in real-time.

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About us

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Who we are

We’re leaders in the lead generation space, providing intent-first leads and nurturing support.

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Why we’re different

We use trusted data, harness intelligent AI, and keep people at the heart of our services.

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