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How do I fix inaccurate marketing data?

Don't let inaccurate marketing data ruin your campaigns. Here's 6 ways you can fix it and get your marketing campaigns...

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Personalisation is only as good as your data: Improving data accuracy

Improving data accuracy is crucial for optimising personalisation. Uncover the key steps to ensure your data is...

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7 simple ways you can use intent data in your marketing campaigns this year

Discover 7 simple strategies to help you leverage intent data in your marketing campaigns to increase engagement and...

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What does intent data look like in 2024? [+ Insights from our in-house experts]

Explore the current state of intent data in 2024. Get exclusive insights from our in-house experts and stay informed...

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Pelago Solus: Inside our new CPM model

Pelago Solus is our latest CPM model that helps you understand the intent of your audience. Here’s a sneak peek inside.

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Targeted leads: Why individuals are more valuable than companies

In this blog, learn why individuals are more valuable than companies when generating targeted leads.

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How to make the most of your marketing budget with high-quality intent data

Intent data is only valuable if it’s high quality. Here’s how you can use high-quality intent data to make the most of...

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Intent signals: The difference between signals and high intent

In this blog, we break down the difference between intent signals and high intent and show you what to consider when...

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4 AI content creation issues that marketers shouldn’t ignore

Despite posing concerns, 76 percent of marketers are now using AI for content creation. Here are 4 AI content creation...

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3 common demand generation challenges and how to solve them

Lead demand generation is complex and many organisations will face some common challenges. Here’s how to overcome three...