Lead drought: 4 signs your B2B marketing funnel needs help

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You know the story: your product is the perfect fit for your lead, but it’s not the right time. Or you’ve had several promising touchpoints, but the handshake never comes. Somehow, your winning approach to converting new leads is running out of steam.

These are all signs your B2B marketing funnel needs help.

If this is resonating right now, you need to step back and ask: is my B2B marketing funnel still working as it should?

To help you answer that question, we listed 4 clear signs that your B2B marketing funnel needs help.

4 warning signs to look for in your B2B marketing funnel

1. You are not receiving many inbound leads:

This can happen for a variety of reasons: your website traffic and social engagement are low. Your SEO strategy might need improvement. Your content is not resonating with your target audience. You don't have enough valuable information about your target audience. Ultimately, not capturing enough qualified leads means you don’t have anyone to convert into revenue.

2. The leads you do have are low (or no) intent

Not all leads are equal. Some are more likely to become a customer than others. Understanding buyer intent helps you focus on those leads who are in the market for a new solution. Without multiple touchpoints and advanced analytics though, it’s hard to classify leads by intent.

3. You have little insight into your leads’ behaviours and needs

You know who your target audience is, but do you understand their needs? Priorities? How they operate? Having this knowledge is essential to make your B2B marketing funnel more efficient. It also helps you refine your approach to focus on tactics that resonate with them.

4. Sales calls go nowhere

You may have a good number of leads, but they remain stuck at the same stage of the funnel forever. Understanding your lead's intent is essential to improve the accuracy of your targeting. Being familiar with their journey is how you can establish meaningful connections.

How to end the lead drought

Ok, now you’ve recognised that your B2B marketing funnel is not working as it should and why, what are the next steps?

A lot of the pain points we covered have one thing in common: a lack of understanding of buyer intent. A recent study by Ehrenberg-Bass found only 5 percent of B2B buyers are ever in the market for a new product or service in a given quarter.

Being able to identify that 5 percent is critical to sales success. Which leads to the question: how can you identify them?

Intent data looks at online behaviour and profiling information to spot those leads. Intentify Demand works with clients to refine our intent data further and find you leads you are in the market for what you sell and how you sell it.

This kind of accurate targeting fills your pipeline with meaningful opportunities and improves your conversion rate. In other words, intent-only data turns your lead drought into an opportunity oasis.

For advice on how to take those leads and nurture them into revenue, just reach out.

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