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Intent-first leads

B2B lead generation done properly

Using AI, machine learning and intent-first data, we'll transform your pipeline with B2B leads that are so good you'll be coming back for more.

(Don't just take our word for it.)

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Trusted brands trust us to deliver

What we do

Connect with the right leads

From marketing qualified leads with additional profilers, to highly qualified leads and BANT questions, we’ve got you covered.

But why not take your marketing further with our new Pelago Solus HTML or premium sales ready leads?

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We like to be transparent about prices. Fill in our quick form to see how much you can expect to pay per lead.

Why we're different

What sets us apart


Trusted data sources

As a first party data company, we own, control and verify our data. This ensures quality and GDPR compliance.


Intent-first leads

We exclusively provide leads backed by intent data which means these people are more likely to engage with your outreach.


Thorough verification

To reduce email bounce back, we validate every contact's email address on multiple occasions.


Reliable customer service

In a recent survey, 100% of our customers recommended the speed, friendliness and quality of our services and expert team.

Why choose us?

Our process

Sending you high quality leads

Using Pelago, our advanced AI, we’re able to segment our audience and target the customer profile that’s showing purchase intent towards your product or keywords.

We’ll only engage with and verify the highest intent prospects. And once we qualify them, we’ll send them over to you.

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Hear from our satisfied clients

"We have been working with Intentify Demand for a few years now and they consistently deliver on our requirements. They are an incredibly reliable partner who listen to our needs and offer great responsiveness. They have a strong data led approach which not only helps with the quality of the leads but also drives the overall success of our campaigns. I would strongly recommend them as a partner!"
Head of Media Growth, EMEA
The Marketing Practice
"I have personally been working with Intentify Demand for a couple of years, and everyone I have interacted with, from both sales and operations side, has been a pleasure to work with. In terms of lead delivery, they are an incredibly reliable partner, and always deliver campaigns in a timely and efficient manner. The email response times are prompt, with quick turnarounds on every aspect of the campaign from start to finish. I would highly recommend working with them if you want a valuable partner"
Media Account Manager
"Our content syndication partner exceeded our expectations with their exceptional accommodation and professionalism. Their operations team flawlessly launched our campaigns, while their account management team proactively enhanced lead quality by tweaking lead criteria. Will definitely continue to work with Intentify Demand."
Director, Digital Marketing
"At Soracom, we have been highly impressed with Intentify Demand. Not only are their leads very accurate in terms of job titles and types of professionals they share with us, their flexibility and customer service to accommodate our requests or updates is hugely helpful. They have saved our SDRs hours of valuable time and are just a great company to work with."
Digital Marketing Manager
"Intentify Demand are an incredibly trustworthy and high quality lead gen provider. They go above and beyond to provide data for us at Alert Logic, in a timely and accurate manner. Their intent data is not only accurate but has helped contribute to measurable opportunities and pipeline for our sales team."
Alert Logic
"Since I started working in the industry a few years ago, I’ve been working with Intentify Demand across multiple clients and campaigns. From both a sales rep and an operations point of view, they have all been a pleasure to work with. Always a seamless process when briefing, in the set-up phase and then into the reporting of campaigns. I always love working with the team at Intentify Demand as I know I can rely on both their lead quality and their timely response to emails/reporting/campaign management. I would highly recommend them as a media partner to work with in all aspects of the campaign process." 
Senior Account Executive

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