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Peek inside Pelago: A guided tour on how we create the best leads

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With 53% of marketers spending 50% or more of their annual budget on lead generation, it’s clear that this is a core marketing function. And according to our latest report, 72% of marketers will be investing even more in this type of marketing in the future.

72% of marketers will be investing more in lead generation in 2024

But lead generation is not without its challenges and our report also revealed that many are struggling to generate a consistent stream of leads.

For almost a quarter (23%) of marketers, the biggest lead generation challenge is creating engaging content that is relevant for the different buying stages. A further 14% struggle with accurate data and 12% with identifying their target audiences.

However, using the right tools and leveraging the knowledge and resources of third-party vendors can help your team combat these challenges. Tools like Pelago.

So it’s time to leave the uncharted waters of low-quality, infrequent leads behind and start gathering high-quality, targeted leads. Here’s how Pelago can help you do just that.

What is Pelago?

Pelago is our unique AI that gathers intent data with a 95%+ degree of accuracy, uses this intent to identify trends and then dives into our database to target prospects based on your chosen criteria, delivering intent-first leads that are more likely to convert.

How does Pelago work?

But how exactly does Pelago help with your lead generation strategy? The process can be broken down into five key stages:

1. Data is gathered

Individuals enter our database through various channels, including website sign-ups, event registrations, and direct interactions with our company. Each entry undergoes manual verification and programmatic validation to maintain data quality. The data is compared against LinkedIn, the largest and most up-to-date B2B database there is. 

Alongside this, we gather intent data from 60-80 million data points on a weekly basis. This includes everything from news, company websites, social media and other third-party data sources.

2. Information enters the Data Store

Once this information has been gathered, it then goes into a Data Store where Pelago uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)  to understand the data. It tags the data using machine learning algorithms in order to categorise it and make it easier to be retrieved for analysis at a later stage. 

3. Predictive analytics are applied

Patterns are monitored over time in order to identify and forecast upcoming trends. Pelago also uses machine learning and natural language processing for data segmentation, enabling it to identify professionals and companies relevant to your ideal customer profile.

4. Intent to purchase is determined

Through these data points, as well as the personalised filters and scoring mechanisms, Pelago can predict whether or not a prospect is in the market for your product in the future, narrowing down millions of data sets to find intent-only leads.

5. You get results

You get access to contacts before they're actively looking for a solution. These high-intent leads show a higher propensity to buy which means they're more likely to convert into a sale.

Why should you choose Pelago?

By aligning your products, services and content with relevant and engaged business leaders, Pelago is tailored to your specific needs. It takes a data-driven approach to consistently deliver on your requirements and provide you with high-quality leads.

And this is not the only key benefit of choosing our AI, some other key reasons to choose Pelago include:

  • It's always evolving - Pelago is a self-training tool which is constantly learning. By frequently monitoring trending intent topics and top publishers, its algorithm remains as accurate as possible.
  • Intent signals come from a diverse range of sources - Pelago uses over 60 million links with publishers and company sites to gather intent signals and get to know individual contacts in more detail.
  • It provides the most accurate data - All our first-party contact data goes through a three-month quarantine period. This is how we ensure that the data is accurate and GDPR compliant, to provide you with the most accurate contacts and that leads are as high-quality as possible.

Pelago has the power to change lead generation

Looking back at our recent report, we asked B2B marketers: What are your top three considerations when it comes to working with a lead generation provider? And 55% said reliability is key.

This was followed by detailed reporting (39%), lead performance post-campaign (37%) and the use of intent data (36%).

What are your top three considerations when it comes to working with a lead generation partnerWith Pelago at the forefront of our lead generation activity, we're able to deep dive into what our contacts are interacting with online to provide you with more insight on how to connect with the right people. Thus ensuring you always have the most reliable and accurate leads.

By identifying professionals and companies relevant to your ideal customer profile, leads are higher quality, more targeted and more likely to convert, and therefore will perform better post-campaign.

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If you’d like to know more about Pelago and get started with finding your own island of intent, get in touch with our team today and we'll show you what Pelago can do.

Want to know more? Speak to one of our specialists today and take a look at what we can do.