Why you should factor intent data into your marketing budget

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Intent data helps to optimise a tight marketing budget. You can spend less on trying to persuade people who aren’t interested, or ready to buy, and focus your energy on converting those that are.

Why add intent data to your marketing budget?

Investing in intent data can streamline your activities and increase your marketing ROI by:

  1. Improving targeting for demand generation
  2. Creating more personalised, more effective marketing content
  3. Increasing the consumption of your content marketing

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

1. Improve targeting for demand generation

83 percent of B2B buyers research online before purchasing. Intent data identifies the most qualified leads. It does so by aggregating data sets like what content they’re consuming, and time spent on each page. This helps to identify current industry trends, as well as specific users that are researching your market, or already engaged in the buying process.

Armed with that information, you can create tailored content that builds relationships with these highly engaged leads.

Well-executed demand generation marketing gives prospects the information they need, at the right time, to guide them through the buying process. Intentify Demand works with clients to identify those leads who want what you’re selling. We fill your pipeline. You focus on nurturing warm leads.

2. Create more personalised, more effective marketing content

When you have a pipeline full of highly qualified leads, you can create content that speaks to their problems and sells your solution.

With intent data, you remove the guesswork from this process. You have a clear picture of your prospects’ interests, needs and online behaviour. No need to spend money or effort on campaigns that may or may not hit the mark.

77 percent of B2B sales and marketing professionals believe that personalised marketing experiences lead to better customer relationships. Despite this, 60 percent still aren’t using AI to personalise their approach. This is your opportunity to get ahead.

We work with you to identify your ideal customer persona, then use AI to target prospects based on your criteria.

Giving prospective customers what they want puts your marketing budget to best use.

Increased consumption of your content marketing

Our AI selects high-intent leads with a 97 percent degree of accuracy. The data we supply allows you to target the topics they’re actively searching for, so you don’t waste budget on content that’s not relevant.

We’ll send your best tailored marketing content to prospects who want to engage with a product or service like yours.

This approach can increase engagement with your content and boost the profitability of your marketing funnel.

Optimise your marketing budget

If you’re ready to get the most from your marketing spend get in touch, or build intent data into your budget right away with our cost per lead calculator.

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