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What we do

We deliver intent-first B2B leads that are a match made in heaven

Powered by Pelago, our intuitive AI platform, we use first party intent data to find the professionals you can have meaningful conversations with. It’s this high-quality data that makes us stand out.

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Bespoke campaigns

Connect with your VIP leads

Every business has a different idea of what MQLs and HQLs look like. And to give you the best experience, we're looking past industry acronyms to find out exactly how you want to qualify your leads.

Whether you want multi-touch, ABM or BANT questions, we can help. Speak to one of our friendly team about what kind of leads you need, and we'll be able to create a bespoke campaign to help.

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How much will I pay per lead?

We like to be transparent about prices. Answer a few quick questions to see how much you can expect to pay per lead for your campaign.

Looking for something more?

Take your lead generation to the next level

Our selection of premium products mean you can rest easy knowing your lead generation strategy is in good hands.


Pelago Solus

Leverage the power of our new HTML send to generate brand awareness as a standalone campaign or run alongside your lead generation.


Content Concierge

Take your campaign to new heights with custom-created content that's designed to deliver and convert.


SQL Premium

Connect with sales qualified leads who want to hear from you. Each lead is engaged via telemarketing and comes with a two-page write-up.


Programmatic Ads

Reach your audience, wherever they may be, across 120,000 sites with our programmatic advertising service.

Let us work our magic

Answering the important questions

Want to know how we do what we do? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

How does your intent data generate better quality leads?

We noticed many marketers getting frustrated with high lead rejection rates and poor post-campaign conversion rates. So we decided to do something about it.

Which is when we built Pelago, our continually learning and sophisticated AI. Pelago uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyse and predict buyer intent in our first party database. 

This means we're able to identify buyers earlier in their journey before explicit signals are given, enabling B2B marketers to target opportunities during the crucial research and consideration stages.

How are you different to other lead generation providers?

We pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs and objectives of our clients. This means taking the time to know what the priorities are from business to business, quarter to quarter, and creating campaigns that are designed to deliver on those goals.

Leveraging our unique first party intent database, we're then able to deliver bespoke campaigns with insight into a lead's purchase intent, giving you clearer insight into where they are in the buying journey.

How do you ensure your data is reliable and accurate when generating leads?

We employ both human-verification and machine-verification data processes. Human-verified data undergoes confirmation by our world-class data research team, which means its reliability is significantly higher. Meanwhile, machine learning algorithms are employed to gather and verify machine-processed data.

How secure and compliant is your data handling?

Our company information security policies and objectives are aligned with ISO 27001, ensuring we meet the international information security standards.

Additionally, our staff are trained and certified on GDPR and compliance best practices, with role-based access control limits in place to reduce the handling of PII to those with relevant training.

Our delivery

Discovered by AI, verified by humans

Before we deliver your intent-only leads, we conduct rigorous verification checks.

Every lead is cross-checked to confirm their job title, role and place of work are accurate and up to date. We also triple-check contact email addresses so you can avoid frustrating error messages and email bounce backs.

We organise our delivery based on your campaign needs. So, if you need leads every week, every few months, or somewhere in between, we make it happen.


From our satisfied customers:

"We have been working with Intentify Demand for a few years now and they consistently deliver on our requirements. They are an incredibly reliable partner who listen to our needs and offer great responsiveness. They have a strong data led approach which not only helps with the quality of the leads but also drives the overall success of our campaigns. I would strongly recommend them as a partner!"
Head of Media Growth, EMEA
The Marketing Practice
"I have personally been working with Intentify Demand for a couple of years, and everyone I have interacted with, from both sales and operations side, has been a pleasure to work with. In terms of lead delivery, they are an incredibly reliable partner, and always deliver campaigns in a timely and efficient manner. The email response times are prompt, with quick turnarounds on every aspect of the campaign from start to finish. I would highly recommend working with them if you want a valuable partner"
Media Account Manager
"Our content syndication partner exceeded our expectations with their exceptional accommodation and professionalism. Their operations team flawlessly launched our campaigns, while their account management team proactively enhanced lead quality by tweaking lead criteria. Will definitely continue to work with Intentify Demand."
Director, Digital Marketing
"At Soracom, we have been highly impressed with Intentify Demand. Not only are their leads very accurate in terms of job titles and types of professionals they share with us, their flexibility and customer service to accommodate our requests or updates is hugely helpful. They have saved our SDRs hours of valuable time and are just a great company to work with."
Digital Marketing Manager
"Intentify Demand are an incredibly trustworthy and high quality lead gen provider. They go above and beyond to provide data for us at Alert Logic, in a timely and accurate manner. Their intent data is not only accurate but has helped contribute to measurable opportunities and pipeline for our sales team."
Alert Logic
"Since I started working in the industry a few years ago, I’ve been working with Intentify Demand across multiple clients and campaigns. From both a sales rep and an operations point of view, they have all been a pleasure to work with. Always a seamless process when briefing, in the set-up phase and then into the reporting of campaigns. I always love working with the team at Intentify Demand as I know I can rely on both their lead quality and their timely response to emails/reporting/campaign management. I would highly recommend them as a media partner to work with in all aspects of the campaign process." 
Senior Account Executive

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