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Intent-based lead generation research: A quick summary [Infographic]

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There’s no denying intent data is a big part of the modern marketing landscape. And with lead generation being a core B2B marketing function, it only makes sense that intent data is put to good use in this space.

However, with so many brands using the term ‘intent data’ and providing their own views on what intent data looks like, as well as how it’s meant to be used, things are starting to become hazy.

What exactly does intent data look like?

What can it actually do?

Is it really that useful?

We wanted to find out. And so we asked 416 marketers who are currently using intent data to share their thoughts so we could better understand the true impact of intent data on B2B marketing.

The infographic below is a snapshot of what we discovered.

Intent-based lead generation research infographic

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