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Can high-intent leads boost your marketing ROI?

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Posted by Intentify Demand

High-intent data is gold dust for marketers. It gives you an insight into a web visitor’s purchase intent, allowing you to identify when a prospect is actively considering buying from you.

An impressive 99 percent of large companies agree that intent data has helped their business. That's by either improving marketing ROI or sales growth.

In this post we’ll explore how high-intent leads can boost return on marketing investment by:

  • lowering customer acquisition costs
  • shortening the sales cycle
  • and increasing order value.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s look at each of those areas in more detail.

Reducing customer acquisition costs

A high-intent lead is someone significantly likely to buy. This person fits your ideal customer profile (ICP) and their online activity indicates that they want to engage with a company like yours.

Use intent data to create a list of ICP prospects from your existing database. You can also use intent data to identify and reach out to new prospects who fit the same profile and behaviours.

These are the prospects to focus your energies on. Spend time and money on campaigns that attract and nurture those with the most buying intent. As a result, you’ll reduce acquisition cost and increase marketing ROI.

Shorten the sales cycle

You can build relationships quickly by tailoring your marketing content to the real-time requirements of individual accounts and users.

Monitoring trends means you can identify behaviours that signal intent. These might include lingering on particular pages or downloading key resources.

This level of data allows you to respond with helpful, timely information. This in turn moves people along your pipeline smoothly and provides an attentive service that builds trust.

Cloud computing company Citrix found they were able to close deals in half the usual sales cycle with intent data. And leads were 2.5 times more likely to convert.

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Having high-intent data on your leads will highlight opportunities to cross or upsell.

For example, if they begin to research a new product in your space, or consider an upgrade, you can start a conversation. Or you can provide tailored marketing content that answers the questions they’re raising.

By nurturing the curiosity and intent they are already displaying, you can increase returns and boost average order value.

Help buyers to do their job

Your role is to move potential buyers through the marketing funnel. It’s easy to forget that from their perspective, ‘decide on a vendor and make a purchase’ can be a lengthy, daunting and complex task.

B2B buyers spend a full working week researching large purchases and the volume of information can be overwhelming.

You could be the antidote to that overwhelm. High-intent data helps you craft your marketing messages to cut through the noise. This means dropping timely, tailored content that actively supports buyers in their task.

For more ways to increase your marketing ROI using intent data, read our latest white paper - Peer into the future of B2B lead generation.

Discover how high-intent data can better inform your marketing decisions and increase the number of quality leads you convert.