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How to use intent data to close more sales qualified leads

If we gave you a sales funnel full of qualified leads, how many of them would you close?

Translating ‘high intent’ into ‘closed won’ isn’t easy – but it gets simpler with insight. Download our free guide and put intent data to work throughout your entire sales process.

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Ready to close more leads?

Whats' inside

Build an intent-driven sales strategy

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How intent data closes sales

Intent data can increase your chances of success from first contact to final pitch. Find out exactly how lead insight helps.

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How to apply intent to your sales strategy

Not sure how to get the most out of intent data? Learn how to apply it to prospecting, prioritisation, campaign messaging and sales conversations.

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Our tips for closing leads

High intent leads don’t mean guaranteed sales. After years of delivering prospects to major organisations like Adobe to VMWare, we know what closes a deal – and what doesn’t.

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